“Do you know?
Medicines in private hospitals can be up to
300 - 8,000%
more expensive."

Department of Internal Trade, May 2019

Electronic Prescription (e-Prescription) Service by Arincare

e-Prescription service by Arincare allows doctors from any hospitals, clinics, telemedicines, to prescribe medicines to patients safely. Instead of issuing paper-based prescriptions to patients, which are often lost or damaged, electronic prescription allows patient to pick up medicines at the nearest licensed drugstores at their convenience without worry.

e-Prescription by Arincare offers a faster, safer, and more affordable healthcare.

Benefits for Patients

e-Prescription services by Arincare helps:

Reduce inequality of access to healthcare. Especially for patients in remote areas which have diffeculty in access to quality medicines.

Make healthcare more affordable. Allows patients to get their medications at a lower cost.

Refill your medicines at your convenience. Patients can choose where they want to pick up their medicines from nearest Arincare drugstores. Reducing the traffic and wait time in hospitals.

Uplift quality of life for all with safe access to medicines, prescribed by licensed pharmacists.

Get your e-Prescription in 3 easy steps

Ask your doctors
for e-Prescription

Select where and when
you want to pick up

Pick up your medicines
at nearest Arincare drugstores